Ami Moregore - Photographer/Future Stunt Granny

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on people outright asking me questions

Q: Is the blood real?
A: Blood is the most real thing in pro wrestling.

Q: Can I post this to social media/make it my avatar?
A: Sure. Please try not to crop out the watermark or modify the image but if you do, I'm not stopping you.

Q: How did you get into this?
A: The folks running NYWC literally invited me to photograph ringside and everything else was me asking permission or people inviting me.

Q: What do you shoot with?
A: Currently Canon 80D and I swap between a couple lenses but mostly use a Sigma Art F1.8 18-35mm lens.

Q: Can I use it for a flyer/advertisement?
A: If it's just a flyer/ad and not an entirely big poster based on ONE image I took, yeah go for it. If you're selling posters of the event and it's mostly my image, see the next question.

Q: Can I sell a print/t-shirt/sticker?
A: Reach out to me first, email me at amimoregore at gmail dot com. I don't put up print quality imagery online ever and your image will look awful unless I send you a higher res version. For most wrestlers, I have a sliding scale fee from $5 - $25 at your ability to pay. If you want to pay more than that, bless you. I can also barter if you seriously don't have five bucks

Q: Can we run your photo in our publication?
A: This sounds like a business inquiry. Please email me at amimoregore at gmail dot com.

Q: How can I pay you?
A: You can always give me money in person because I very likely met you in person. Otherwise, I have methods that I can share for electronic payment in private.

Q: What's Onita like?
A: I barely spoke to him. I just keep running into him by accident.


You are free to use my images in non-commercial fashion as long as it is respectful to the subjects depicted (examples: resharing with the watermark intact, making them your avatar/pfp). Credit is preferred but not required.

Acceptable commercial methods of using my images without selling the photo itself - promotional flyers, social media graphics. Credit is preferred but not required. If you want to sell my photos in print or professional articles, album art, talk to me first. I have a sliding scale for workers/talent ($5-$25 per photo at your ability to pay. No judgments) and a different scale for promoters. My work is never uploaded on social media where it could easily be reprinted at commercial quality. Copyright law is on my side. Do not attempt to sell my work without my written permission.

I’m available for hire and am based out of Philadelphia, PA. At this time, I’m better equipped for action photography over portraits but I can make them in a pinch. I mostly work in NJ as I’ve cultivated relationships with companies and talent based out of there and the deregulated nature of wrestling in that state. I’m not opposed to other locales and actually began in NY and looking to fill up other states. I’ve also worked in CT, DE, MD, PA, VA .

No NFTs. Anyone trying to sell you NFTs and claiming it helps me is lying and using stolen work. I prohibit the use of my work for that scam.

All imagery copyright Ami Moregore 2015 - 2024. If you want to use an image, see the policies/FAQ page