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Action Andretti Mid Air with a moonsault on two opponents Zack Sabre Jr with a chin lock on Chuck Taylor in a Brooklyn bar - 2018 Big Joe crawls with meat skewers sticking out of his head at Tournament of Death - 2019 Dahlia performs a set at a rave - 2023
Billie Starkz puts Ryan Redfield in an ankle lock - 2023 Yoya puts Cheeseburger into an elevated ankle lock - 2022 Marc Angel drives a shopping cart with light tubes into Chondo - 2021 Austin Luke applies a triangle chokehold on Simon Gotch - 2023
Auxcide performs before a crowd at MAGFest - 2015 CM Pikachu makes his entrance - 2017 Colby Corino on fire - 2023 Sawyer Wreck rakes Manders with barbed wire ropes- 2023
Jay Acise singing with Fuchsia City - 2023 Coolaidhippy performs music at a rave - 2023 Deklan Grant landing into barbed wire covered rope - 2023 Razerwyng smacks meat skewers into Conor Claxton's head - 2023

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